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Puppy Essentials 

We have compiled a list of items we use with our goldens. You will also find some of our favorite recipes we like to bake.

Raw Food

We feed our goldens a raw diet. We use My Pet Carnivore for our single protein complete pork. We realize though that a raw diet is not for everyone.



We use Palomine lines with our goldens. They are lightweight and come in many different colors and lengths.


Kibble Food

We recommend Fromm Dog food for our families who want to feed kibble.  We also recommend Honest Kitchen.



We use a harness for different sports and for hiking. Below are some of our favorites.

The Perfect Fit- Purchase in three different sections

Nylon Harness- This is our tracking harness. You could also use it for walking or hiking.


Training Treats

We use a variety of treats. We have added homemade training treat ideas below. We also mix in store-bought.  We try to find a complete treat that is healthy. We use a lot of dog food. We also will feed less regular food if we have a training session as to not overfeed.  Our goldens love:

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Food

Stewert Freeze-Dried Liver

Stewart Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food-these are great for throwing so dogs can "get it"

Franks Hot Dogs

Beef Liver cooked in Olive Oil

Pork Loin Chops

baby kimber.jpg

Yak Fleece Crate Pad

We use Royal Cabana fleece crate pads. They are quick to deliver and last forever. 

fleece crate mat.webp


We use Midwest Homes iCrate with a divider. We go ahead and buy the bigger size and use the divider to section off a smaller size for the puppy..



We use a different collar for every sport that our dogs train in so needless to say we have a wide variety of dog collars. These are some of our favorites.

Collar Direct Rolled Leather Collar-great for not breaking golden's hair

We buy a lot of our collars from  Gun Dog. They put the name plates on the collars for you. These are the collars we own.

Turflex Standard Collar

Granite Center Ring- This is our hunting collar

We also love Terrain Dog Collars. They are a high-quality collar for a reasonable cost. We love the buckle reflective collars.

terrain dog.jpg

Food/Water Bowls

We recommend food/water bowls that are on a stand. This makes eating easier for your puppies and dogs. 

We also use a slow feeder. Slow feeders help to slow down dogs as they eat. Our Remi loves his food and sometimes eats a little too fast. We use the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl.

dog bowl.jpg


Our goldens have had the greatest success at keeping the Fluff and Tuff Toys in one piece.

Our girls love their tennis balls. We have found the best luck in buying normal tennis balls. The special ones made for dogs do not hold up as well.  We have had luck in Chuckit Sport Ball Launchers. We also like the Chuckit Paraflight Flier Dog Toys.


Grooming Brush

We like using brushes with steel long pins. They tend to cause less damage to our golden"s hair. Chris Christensen makes a great one.


Grooming Nails

We use the lighted Dremel to grind our goldens nails. The light helps to see the quick. 

Micro 8-Volt MAX Variable Speed Cordless

Interactive Puzzles

Outward Hound

We love this Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle. Our dogs love working this puzzle


Trixie Pet Puzzle

This is one of our first puzzles we have purchased. The dogs love this Trixie Pet Puzzle.



Here is another favorite of our goldens. It is another Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle.

nina puzzle.jpg

Trixie Flip Board Dog Puzzle

The Trixie Flip Board Dog is an easy start for interactive puzzles. 

trixie flip board dog toy.jpg


Cato Boards

We love using Cato Boards to teach place. teach heeling, steadiness, and so many other behaviors. 

Pet Cot

We love using Pet Cots. Our goldens like to sleep on them. We also teach settle on the cots. This comes in handy when someone comes to the door.

Target Sticks

We use a target stick when our goldens are pups to teach touch. This skill is very helpful for later concepts.


We use The Klimb to teach climb, steadiness, place, work with agility and much more. 

Dog Treat Recipes


Puppy Cupcakes

Get Recipes

Oatmeal, Banana, Peanut Butter Biscuits

Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Banana Pup-sicles

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