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AKC Scentwork Trial Fun

What an awesome Scentwork Trial this weekend! I am super proud of our girls!

Motley added some titles behind her name this weekend. She had four runs this weekend. 2 in Containers and 2 in Buried. She was 4 for 4 and placed in all four. She placed 2nd and 4th in Novice Containers. She placed 1st and 2nd in Novice Buried. She finished her Novice Containers and Novice Buried titles. She also earned her Novice Scentwork title.

Miss Kimber was 11 for 16. She also added some titles. She earned her Advanced Containers, Exterior, and Interior titles. She had 7 placements out of the 11 runs she qualified in. Mom here cost her a few placements by not quickly calling finished.(I had my forgetful moment a few times. Poor Kimber.)

Her Advanced placements were:

Containers..4th and 1st

Exterior:2nd and 4th


Buried: 2nd

She also moved up to Excellent Exteriors and placed Second. I am so proud of her!

Great weekend for us!

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