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Joplin's Hunt Adventure

Meet Joplin. She is Miss Yellow from our Motley Crew. Joplin and I are beginning our hunt training adventure together using Pat Nolan's Push Pull Training In Drive. We have been working three times a day right before each meal on one of the components. We started with our simple line drills before breakfast. Joplin has caught on really quickly and moved to the back yard after only a few sessions. Before lunch we would work on our retrieves. I bought the fleece gingerbread looking toys recommended by Pat Nolan and they have worked wonderfully! Joplin loves them. They are light in color and easy for her to pick up. I started in our hallway that has a wall on one side and the banister on the other. I threw in the corner of that area and set Joplin up for success in bringing it back. We are now outside with Keith throwing a mark for her. She is marking and then being released on her name. I am so proud and excited about her progress.


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