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Looking Back at 2020

2020 has made for a very interesting year. As always we sat down in January and looked at what training, trialing and trips we could do for 2020. We started out strong on those goals and then Covid came with shutdowns and limited trialing opportunities. So we trained on and took many hikes( Remi, Kimber, and Motley earned their Fit Dog from AKC). AKC recognized the limited opportunities and add virtual trialing and training opportunities we participated in. We are very proud of our goldens accomplishments for 2020. They have accomplished a lot this year with the limited opportunities. Motley continued her hunt training. She entered her first WC (working dog certificate) test and her first AKC Hunt Test. Although we did not pass, (my error on her WC) we learned a lot and had fun. We continued on with hunt practicing into this winter. Motley also continued to work on her tracking. We love meeting friends and spending the mornings tracking. Motley earned her Rally Novice title this summer. She also earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen Urban and Advance titles. Motley worked on her Trick Dog titles earning her TKI, and TKA. Motley also began training and trialing in AKC Scent work. She earned her SIN AND SEN titles. She finished her year with her Virtual Home Manners.

Kimber continued hunt training and entered her first WC. She sure loves her ducks. Kimber also spent a lot of 2020 tracking. We are very close to certifying. Scent work was also on Kimber's radar for 2020. She earned her AKC SCN, SBN, SIN, SEN, and SWN titles. She was 12 for 12 at the Louisville, KY trial. She, like Motley earned her Virtual Home Manners title too. Kimber is finishing the year with her last leg for her AKC Rally Intermediate title.

Remi started his 2020 doing what he loves....going to school with Mom. He loved working with students on Fridays. Then Covid put a stop to that as all school went Virtual. Remi now has plans to read with students virtually to help improve their reading skills. Remi loved his time at the park this year going on long hikes. We went on many kayaking adventures. Remi also continued training in Scent work and obedience. He earned his Virtual Home Manners AKC title too.

Denver "Nugget" can not be forgotten. She worked with our daughter and got her CGCA and CGCU titles along with her Virtual Home Manners. She enjoyed tracking with Kimber and Motley. Her favorite thing to do in 2020 was to go hiking.

Although 2020 did not meet the original goals we have been very lucky. We have had lots of fun and made good memories. We were fortunate enough to train and trial with our dear friends and Miss Pippa( Miss Purple). We are so proud of her many accomplishments this year. We made new tracking friends and hunt friends. We are so fortunate to have made lasting friendships with our Rock Star Litter families. We love the updates and are so very proud of their many accomplishments. So as we close out 2020 we celebrate all the good of 2020.

Happy New Year's from Darmorr Goldens!


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